Celebrating Stupid Holidays

National Pigs in a Blanket Day.
Another example of something that annoys my wife is that I enjoy celebrating stupid holidays.  A short list of a few of my favorites:
  • National Pigs in a Blanket Day, April 24th.
  • International Pickle Week, November in May.
  • National Chocolate Chip Day, May 15th.
  • National Chocolate Ice Cream Day, June 7th.
  • Pop Goes The Weasel Day, June 14th.
  • National Tapioca Pudding Day, July 15th.
  • National Milk Chocolate Day, July 28th.
  • National Mustard Day, August 5th.
  • National Cream-filled Doughnut Day, September 14th.
With the exception of "Pop Goes the Weasel Day", most of these celebrations involve food.  I suppose I could open a can of North Dakota Caned Weasel  (The other yellow meat).  
We celebrate the "Lighting O' The Dill" during International Pickle Week, and make S'mores on National S'mores Day, but nothing comes close to Pigs in a Blanket Day on April 24th.  My wife occasionally plays along, but mostly she just gets annoyed.  

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