The Money Clamp. Finally a money clip that works!

Over the past few years I've been struggling to find a reasonable substitute for the traditional "rear pocket wallet".  Why?  Well, for one thing I've had no less than three occasions where my wallet was ruined by being soaked.  One involved a pool; another time the ocean played a key role, and the last one lost its life to a Slip-n-Slide accident.

Some time ago I switched to money clip, but as cards have become such a common part of our lives I finally moved to the Slim Clip (As seen on TV, you know.) 

The Slim Clip is a double-sided stainless steel money clip that holds cash on one side and cards on the other.  This served me well until recently when my card collection seemed to explode!  Now I have to carry:
  • Drivers licence
  • ATM card
  • Personal charge card
  • Business charge card
  • AAA card
  • Automobile insurance card
  • Health insurance card
  • Flexible Spending Account card
  • PayPal debit card (Never know when a good Woot will strike)
  • Hotel mag-strike key
  • Misc gift cards
As you can see, this list puts us a few cards beyond the 5 card max of the Slim Clip.  What really started to suffer was the thin insurance cards, because as I slid the other cards in and out the thin ones kept getting crushed and jammed into the bottom of the clip.  Also, this clip is a massive chunk of SS, and weighs at least twice as much as I felt it needed to.  Perhaps it would be better made from titanium.

So, I abandoned the Slim Clip and tried a simple binder clip.  Surprisingly I preferred it to the SlimClip, but it's just a bit too weak and the cards want to slip out of the clip in my pocket.  I also wind-up with a bunch of receipts, and unless I remember to remove them each night this clip allows them to hand out and get ragged in my pocket.

Enter the Money Clamp.

I finally decided that there MUST be a stylish alternative to my budget money clip, so off I went to my buddy Google, where I found the MoneyClamp.

I'm not sure how I missed this, but the Money Clamp is essentially a larger and infinitely more stylish version of my binder clip that will hold 12 cards AND 25 bills!  They are available with or without a card wallet that is sandwiched between the bills, just like my old binder clip solution.

I picked-up the Black Mesh Geneva with a leather card wallet for $30 +S&H.  Fortunately I found a 10% discount widget (Found below), so in the end it cost me $32 including shipping.  The Clamp alone is only $15, and there's a $10 microfiber wallet available; but I convinced myself that I'd prefer the leather.

Why does any of this annoy my wife?  It's because she's convinced that I change wallets more often than she changes purses.  to that I have two things to say:  Really? and So?

Click the widget below and when prompted at checkout enter the coupon code MC10 for the 10% discount.

[MoneyClamp (10% off Promo: MC10)]

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