Push Butt, Rub Hands Under Arm...

PUSH BUTT, RUB HANDS UNDER ARM shirtWe were at dinner with some friends a few weeks back when my buddy and I started talking about the "Hidden Message" that used to be contained on every hand dryer in every men's room in the USA.  They thought we were out of our minds, so we flagged down a couple guys at a nearby table and asked them if they remember it too.  Sure enough they did, as did several guys at another table that overheard us.  Our wives still thought we were nuts, but what we've since come to learn is that this message was NOT revealed to the women-folk.  Hummmmm,  Very interesting.

Below is a link to a Tee Shirt on Zazzle that shows exactly what we were talking about.  You should buy this for your husband or dad.  They'll get it even if you don't, and they'll think you are cool because of it. 

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