Is Pepsi OK?

It happened again tonight.  We were at Country Barbecue in High Point NC when the waitress approached and asked us "What would you like to drink?"  Diet Coke is my beverage of choice, so of course I answered "Diet Coke". The waitress says "Is Pepsi OK?"

And this is where it always happens...

It's really not my fault.  She asked and I had an obligation to be honest.  It's my stock reply to this question that never fails to annoy my wife, and we both can feel it deep down in me as our eyes make contact and she gives me that "Don't even think about it" grimace.  But here it comes.

I say, "It's just OK."  

Uh oh, that's it.  I've done it again. I've just thought of a new post for this blog.  See, a silver lining.


  1. Hi! This is Lisa's Idaho friend. First of all, let me tell you how much I've enjoyed your blog. :)

    You are SOOOOO wrong,though. Pepsi is the superior cola! I respect your opinion, of course, but seriously? Diet Wild Cherry Pepsi is the best diet soda. If worse comes to worse, and all they have is Diet Pepsi, then that's my choice.

    If an establishment serves only Coke products, why then, I have iced tea! ;)

  2. OK Linda, I'll give you this much: DWCP is one of the better flavored colas. Usually when the pop companies (It's an Ohio thing)add lemon, vanilla, lime, cherry, bacon or whatever other flavor they can come up with, they add way too much. At least with DWCP I can drink it straight.

    Whenever a soda fountain has Cherry Coke I'll fill my cup first with Diet Coke, (or better yet, Coke Zero!) and then add just a shot of Cherry Coke.

    Lisa and I grew up in a Pepsi household, and it took my wife several years of full-immersion therapy to get me to convert.

    Alright, is it just me or is all you can think about now is being fully immersed in diet pop? Say what you like, but I'll bet ya that being immersed in Coke would be much more refreshing than Pepsi.