Ice, Ice, baby

There are so many ways I can tell this story, but in the end there are really just tow stories to tell.  #1 is the fact that the blue mug shown on the photo is my ever-present buddy.  In fact, the while mug in the photo was just replaced by the blue one, after several years of faithful service.  These suckers are 100oz, which means they'll hold a 2 liter bottle of "pop" and have plenty of room for ice.  And that's what annoys my wife.  Surprisingly it's not the expense of the pop that annoys her, but rather the fact that every morning before leaving the house for work I pretty much wipe-out the ice tray.  Now, the second half of this story relates to what began as my bride trying to make a point, but it really back fired. 

Please allow me to explain. 

While I was out of town for a week or so some time back, my bride was amazed at the amount of ice our ice maker was able to produce without me cleaning it out each morning and night.  So much so that she started filling gallon-size freezer Zip-Loc bags, which she piled all around the freezer.  When I came home Imagine the look on my face when I opened the freezer and saw all that ice.  Yep, you guessed it... I didn't even notice! 

So what do you think annoys her most; the fact that I use MASSIVE amounts of ice without regard for anyone else, or that she worked so hard to make a point that i didn't get?  The world may never know, and quite frankly, I don't really care.  (Oh, that's gonna annoy her!)

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