If only she were here, I know I would be annoying her.

I'm sitting on a Delta flight flying from Atlanta to Seattle and I'm actually live via WiFi on my iPad (for an excess fee, of course).
My flight to Atlanta from Greensboro was delayed so I rushed to the gat with moments to spare. One exciting thing was that my arrival gate and my departure gate were both in the same terminal! I don't recall the ever being the case, so yes, it's a big deal. Anyway as I approach the gate I learn the there's been a slight delay. I was really hungry, having had nothing for breakfast, but I didn't dare wander far as they were bound to start boarding any second. Well, that delay was just the first of several, but by this time I was busy killing zombies, so my hunger abated. Finally they made the announcement I was expecting.

"I'm sorry, but your flight has just need canceled."
Again, no need to panic. I've been through this dozens of times, and so has Delta. I sit put for a few minutes while folks scramble and the attendant announces that they have another plane and all we need to do is switch gates.

I'm now on the plane and playing with my iPad, (yes, I'm name dropping) and finally my hunger returned with a vengeance. I checked the in-flight magazine and see that there is a snack pack available and it's only $6.00.

I ordered the snack and have to say that I wasn't fully prepared for what I received. This was basically a glorified "Lunchable". That's OK, it looks mostly eatable. I am trying to watch my carbs, so the chocolate and the cookie go to my neighbor. Cheese, sausage, and a pack of crackers that's not too terrible carb-wise. Then I see it...

There's a PRIZE in the box! This is an adult Happy Meal! What can it be? It's sort of like a book...
Oh boy, it's a pad of faux Post-Its. This instantly took me back to the days when Crackerjack stopped putting cool toys in the box and went to little books and stupid My Little Pony tattoos.

I don't like this.

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