New Glasses

I had a coworker show me his new glasses today. He's never worn glasses before, but now he suddenly needs bifocals. He said the funny thing is that one of his eyes is nearsighted, while the other is farsighted. Weird.

I can relate to the need for bifocals because my eyes are ever-so-lightly nearsighted, so I have a pair with very mild correction, and I have begun using readers for reading and using my iPad for the past few years. My eyes seem to be worse when I'm driving at the moment that the sun sets. I was telling my friend about this and mentioned that what was really weird is that my eyes are much worse when the sun is setting, especially if my wife is in the pasenger's seat!

I shared this with my bride and her reaction made it clear that I had the makings of a new blog post. So there it is.

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