I'm "Following Guy"

I thought I was being cool about it, but my bride recently figured something out about me: I've been following Guy. Actually, I think I'm a little hurt that she obviously doesn't read my blogs, but the point is that whenever I travel I always check the web site www.FlavorTownUSA.com to see if Guy Ferri has been in my destination and to make sure that I visit at least one of the places that he's visited. What's worse is that I feel compelled to blog about my vists to these resturaunts. it's really nothing weird, it's just that I'm a foodie, and after seeing these places showcased on the Food Network I just have to check them out. Last week I visited the Tatooed Moose in Charleston SC and had their duck BLT with the duck fat fries. Amazing! There is no way on earth that I would have stopped there without Guy's endorsement, and even with that my bride wouldn't be caught dead there! So, with that it's just me following Guy. following-guy.blogspot.com

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